what is a backlink?

abhishek kumar
2 min readJul 19, 2020

Hello and welcome to this post. Today in this post we will gonna to learn about backlinks what is the use of backlink what use of backlink in SEO. First we will see why we need backlinks. What is backlinks?

buckling is nothing but the link which direction to your website or blog post is known as a backlinks.assume that you are on a website and when you click on link with is on the website this link will redirect to the another website this link is known as backlinks. now the question arising why do we need backlinks the main of the question is we need backlinks because the world knows without backlinks your article or a post will not grow if it is growing without backling it is like a miracle or a magic we create we create we create backlinks on the website in which it have a high DA and PA .I will go to tell some website on which you can create backlinks

  1. Google sites
  2. Medium.com
  3. Mix.com
  4. Quora.com
  5. Social media sites

You can create your backlinks on any any sides you want but but building that you have given as a backing should redirect to your website if it will not redirect to your website it will not said to be a backlink.
Types of backlinks:
There are two types of backlink do follow backlinks and nofollow backlinks

Do follow backlinks Dofollowbacklinks allow Google, or whatever search engine is being used, to follow them and reach your website. Basically, these are links that will pass on the SEO benefits of the website where it is built from to the hyperlinked website.
Now we will see why battling is important
Backlink is important because it act as a traffic booster.when you use of your website or blog is slow when you create create a backlink after that you will see that you have got lots of views in your blog or website and googlebot starts crawling and started ranking of your post or a website in a first page of Google

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