I want to be a content writer. How should I start? in [2020]

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If you are in search of a Job,

Content writing is a job for anyone who is a student, wife, or anyone who wants to earn money part-time, content writing is a great job for them.

With this job, you can earn 30 to ₹ 40000 per month. we do not have to work much in this, mostly we have to spend two to three hours a day to write content.

If you go to naukri.com and see, you will find that the content writer is very much in need today. Here is the proof

As you can see that the content writer is getting at least 2 to ₹ 300000 monthly, then he can guess from this that the content writing jobs in India can be part-time and profitable jobs.

If you want to become a content writer and take it as a part-time job, then you should remain on our posts like this.

Because I am going to tell you what a content writer really is and how you can make your client happy with the help of your content writing skills. What will happen is that the Client will trust you more and will maybe he will give you more money to write content for him.

We will be going to start from the beginning.


1. What is Content?2.How To Become a Content Writer?How content writer should write content?

3. 4.
What is the way of writing content?
5.What is the scope of content writing?

What Is Content?

Most of you will know what is the content. If you are reading this post then what is this post is content.

If you watch a video or a story image, it is also content if you search anything on Google. And go to a website and go to it and read that post, then it is on content in text form,

So the job of Content writers is to write content for other bloggers or websites.

How to Become a Content Writer?

As we know that content writers are in huge demand today.

Here is proof:

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As you can see that content writers are in huge demand for the past 12 months In India.

The Huge demand for content writers are in Delhi, India

Now let’s talk about how to become a content writer, for this no degree is needed, no graduation is needed for this.

Or if you want to do a job, if you want to do a job in this sector, then you must have a degree angle because there are some criteria of the company but if you want to do freelancing you will not need any degree, no qualification.

So far we have talked about what we need to get for a content writer, what we do not want.

Now we will talk about how to become a content writer, to be severed, you must first set the topic.

Select the topic in which you have an interest in it. example. Let’s say you are interested in fashion, then you will write content only about fashion.

Which Language Should You Choose to Write Your Content

Which language you should use Hindi or English.

my recommendation will be that you write your content in English only, it is not that if you write content in Hindi, you will not getting money for it. In 2020, there are many Hindi blogs available and millions of people read it.

For Example, Hindime.net write his content in Hindi.

You can see that such a huge traffic comes to his website. And his all the content is in Hindi.

How should a content writer write content, before that I want to share a story with you?

I started my online career as a content writer, then I Used to was charged from 200 to ₹ 300 per article. Used to do, but when I came to know about blogging, I started my own blog and started putting my content.

If you don’t want to start your own blog, write content for other’s bloggers and you can make income from day one, then content writing is the best option for you

How a content writer should write content?

First of all, To be a content writer you should have an interested in and enjoy while the content writing

If you do not feel like writing content if you are writing content just for the money, it is fine, but when writing content you will feel like being frustrated.

So first of all, you have to do research first, on which topic you will go to write content.

So how to research,

First of all, you open your Google Chrome or you open any browser

Type the keyword in the search box that you want to write

Now You will have many results,

Then go to the top three Pages and understand them what they have written and see what else can be added to it.

So you can make your post even better by adding your thoughts to it.

Most of the content writers adopt this same technique.

Initially, when you are writing content, you will not enjoy it at all,

so what can you do every night. If you do write all the work you have done in a day or you can also open your own blog in which you write content.

Then you will get used to writing content, then you will enjoy writing content.

If you are writing content,

Then you should also have a little knowledge of SEO.

If your content is not writing content SEO friendly, then whoever said to write content your content will refuse, then it will be good for you that you Write a Seo friendly article, then your demand will be more To Write content.

if you are thinking that I will copy-paste the content from somewhere, then you are wrong, Palagrisim should be your Zero only then that client will accept your content.

Here You Can see that my content is 100% unique.

Just like this, you have to write a content

Let’s talk about how to write content,

You have found a topic and done research on that topic

Now you have a complete overview of how should I write content on that topic,

First open any notepad, whatever you Have done the research and gather important point

Now you cannot write as you like by opening a notepad. There is also a way to write content

What is the way of writing content?

Here Is the structure of content

1. Write an introduction.

So early you have to write an introduction about a subject in which you are going to explain what you are going to tell or describe in your content.

And recall that,

The beginning should be like that can pin the users coming and reading your post.

2. write the main content.

Now you will write in the main content and remember that the main content should be friendly and should not contain any grammatical errors and should engage the user.

3. write Pros And Cons and related query

After writing with content, write its Pros and Cons/Advantages or disadvantages of that subject.

And likewise, you can give answers to the related or frequently asked questions by the people.

4. write a conclusion

The conclusion sums up all your content. People who read your content first read the conclusion only if they like the conclusion then they go on top and read all the content.

If you write content from this structure, then a very good article will come out, now after writing, read your own content and cross-check then you will know the grammatical inaccuracy is there in it or some sentences which offer zero value There is no value

You can use the Grammarly app to correct Grammer mistakes

f you are doing not have any content writing expertise, what are you able to do?

You can translate the content of YouTube and write it on a pad of paper in English/Hindi, then you recognize that the article writes, however, the content is

How to build cash from content writing

So first, prepare a sample content associated with your interest/niche.

There are 2 ways in {which} by which you’ll be able to earn cash from content writing :

So, what do I mean by online?

It means writing content for shoppers by sitting reception.

Here are many counseled ways to begin your career as a content writer:

1. Freelancing

A great thanks to dipping your toes within the (figurative) content writing pool is to require up freelance comes. corporations are more and more outsourcing their content writing necessities to freelance writers, and such opportunities are copiously out there on freelancing websites like Fiverr, Freelancer, WorknHire, Upwork, paid for articles…

As a freelancer, you’ll be able to build your experience and portfolio over time and set your own pace for work.

Blogging nowadays, that I feel is actually the primary step anyone will take towards writing. fitting your own diary is free, you’ll be able to write at your own pace, and you don’t want any qualifications.

You require solely an article vogue and together with your target market.

Even if you can not legalize your diary, it’s still unexacting thanks to building your portfolio with writing designs.

1. Internships

If you’re still in college/school, you’ll be able to additionally kick-off by making an attempt your hand at internships with organizations (online or offline) or contributive to columns for magazines and newspapers.

I bear in mind the cheer my 1st article brought Pine Tree State once it absolutely was printed in geographical region Times years back after I was solely thirteen. I interned that summer for a Singapore-based magazine that paid Pine Tree State enough to treat myself to goodies!

What ar the scope of content writing?

Content Writers square measure employed each as regular writers and freelancers with MNCs, start-ups, establishments, and even by people.

Some career opportunities obtainable in the Republic of India and abroad are:

So, Here our discussion ends if you have any doubts or question-related content writing in your mind please let me know in the comment box it will definitely answer your Question.

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