How To Rank On Google

when you create a new website or a blog you think that when our website or a blow will come to the first page of the Google search pages.the main reason why your blog or website don’t rank on google is there you don’t have the traffic to your website or blog when there is a sufficient number of sufficient number of traffic the Google goats will crawl your website and put your website in the first Google search page when we create website or blog initially the traffic will not come because many people want to visit the website link which is on the first page of Google search page no one no one wants to go to second or third Google search pages. Today in this post I am gonna to show you how you can rank your website or blog on Google search pages.
the main thing after creating your website is how to get traffic to your website because without dress in your website or blog will not run on Google search period in the initial days you will not get traffic but after some months for some days or weeks you will get traffic if you want initial traffic you can sure your website or blog to the various social media platforms such as Quora Reddit WhatsApp Facebook your blog posts on your web site you need to create a clean which is very important without blank backlink your blog post will not run if you because the world knows without backlink your website or blog will not grow rank on Google search pages now the question arises that how we can create backlinks first in the first in our mind the question will be come that what is the buckling and what is the use of backlinks in a website or blog post so answer is answer for what is a backlund is battery is nothing but the redirecting link called backlink.if you have ever visit a website and click a link or a button and it will redirect to a different website that link is called a backlit and now the question arises what is the use of backlinks the answer for this is to hold you without backlink your website or blog post will not grow for for that you have to create a backlink you can create backlinks on a baby’s flat one such as media with there are several platforms from where you can create backlinks and now the and the main point is if you will not find a SEO friendly or user friendly post your post will never rhyme on Google is when you have you can you created many backlogs are hundred or 200 backlink but even your blog post will not grow and to grow your blog post you also have to write a user friendly and SEO friendly post so that Google what can easily cross your your website or blog.Hindi initial date new will get a less traffic but after where your side rank the traffic also increases to see how many users have come to your website you can connect your website or blog to Google webmaster tool for Google analytic for that. Ok that’s for today I will meet you in a new post with new ideas tricks and tips off for coding, seo to get a notification you can subscribe our blog post so that you can get a notification when I published on you post and you cannot missed that post you can follow us and share our blog post to everyone so that everyone can and take knowledge about how to grow your how to rank your website on Google search pages

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