How to Earn Money From Blog In 2020 | 2020 में ब्लॉग से पैसे कैसे कमाएं

How to Earn Money From Blog In 2020 |

2020 में ब्लॉग से पैसे कैसे कमाएं

How To Earn Money From Blog Is The Biggest Question. Now, there are many platform for online earning Such as Affiliate Marketing, From Blog, From Website…Etc. When a new user want to start online earning he might Get confused that which platform he should use as a beginner level for online earning. If somebody had asked me that which platform does he choose for online earning at beginner level? So I Have Answered Start from Blogger after blogger You Can Go with Affiliate Marketing or any other platforms.

How Setup Blogger to Earn Money In 2020 :

Now How To Earn Money From The Blog. For That You Have To First Create an Account In Blogger After Creating an Account in Blogger is It Will Ask to Write Your Website/Blog Name in the Input Box. After giving the name of your website/blog it will said to choose the domain Name. As a beginner you can choose the domain name as after you Have Created Your Blog/Website and Traffic Come to Your Website Then you can Buy a domain Name for Gooday, NameCheap…Etc. When Traffic Comes to Your Website after Then You Can Go with AdSense to monetize Your Blog/Website

Now, How To Get Traffic To Your Website/Blog?

After Creating Your Website/Blog The Main Problem Arise That How To Get Traffic. Even You Have Written SEO Friendly Post but When Traffic Will Not Come to Your Website/Blog post It Will Never Rank on Google Search Pages. You Get The Traffic By Various Ways Such As:

1. By Social Media Platforms

You Can Get Massive Traffic To Your Website/Blog By Sharing Your Post Link To Social Media Platforms Such As WhatsApp, Facebook, Reedit, and many other platform as well

4. By Google Question Hub .

Or You Can Do Keyword Research. And Cheak The Traffic To A Particular Keyword After That You Can Write A Unique Post. After that you’re Post Will Get Traffic.

! Important Thing Have patient’s.You would Be Thing That after Creating Your Website/Blog Immediately Traffic Will Come. But One Thing is that immediately Traffic Will not Come Because Google Bots Take Time to Analyze Your Website/Blog. For That You Have Put Your Website/Blog to Google Search Console So That Google Bots Can Analyze You Website

How Many Page Views Are Required For AdSense To Monetize?

Your Website/Blog Should Get Minimum 1000 page views per month. For the monetization Of Your Website/Blog to AdSense.

How Much Time Is Required For AdSense To Monetize Your Website/Blog?

It Don’t Have Fixed Time Some Times It Sometime Give Approval Within 5hr or 24hr. But Some Time It Take So Much Time Such As 21days or 1month or It Can Take More Time Also.

Now The Main Question, How To Earn Money From Blog In 2020?

After You The Monetization Of Your Website/Blog You Can Put Ads On Your Website/Blog. After Putting Ads Then If visitors Will Click Ads Which Is on Your Website/Blog from There You Will Be Earning Profit from There.

Tips and Trick to Get Fast AdSense Approval:

Which Web Hosting Is Required For Beginner For Blog/Website?

As A Beginner For Blog You Can Go With Blogger Which Provide Free Hosting and For Static You Can Go With Github . For Free Hosting Or You Can Buy Web hosting and Host Website Of Blog website

In This Is Post Web Have Learn About Many Things. If This Post Is Help Full Please Share The Post With Your Friends, Suscribe My Blog, And Follow Us . If You Have Any Doubt You Can Comment Below. I defentitly Answer The Comments.

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