Best portable bluetooth speakers in India 2020 — Read It

abhishek kumar
3 min readSep 3, 2020

Portable bluetooth speakers can be an essential accessory for travel, or even at home. These portable speakers can connect wirelessly via Bluetooth, NFC, or cable aux, and deliver a dignified, bright sound. And they are powered by batteries that end up playing the day. Some of the Bluetooth speakers held here are also waterproof and dust-resistant, making them round speakers for various users and lovers. Here, we list 10 best Bluetooth speakers in India for less than Rs. 10,000. Although the prices of the products mentioned in the list listed below have been updated since 3 Sep 2020, the list itself may have changed since it was last published due to the introduction of new products since then.

Creative Sound Blaster Roar has long been a favorite, and with its reduced prices now, it brings its own loud and powerful sound and a host of features. You can charge other devices on the go, talk on the phone, listen to FM, and more. It is sturdy and surprisingly strong.

The JBL Charge 2+ sounds very bright, fun, and healthy, and is among the best speakers for its price. Including a phone speaker, it can charge other devices, even after donating up to 11 hours of play and water resistance.

Ultimate Ears continued the legacy of UE Boom and came up with UE Roll — an excellent Bluetooth speaker rated at Rs. 8,490. It brings a bright, clear, and powerful 360-degree sound, and the tone is very pleasant to listen to. In addition, it is available in bright colors, and the additional water barrier makes our choice of recommendation. You will probably never go wrong with it.

JBL Flip 3 tracks JBL’s excellent performance on the portable speaker part of the budget. It has a lot of noise, and it brings a lot of energy. It comes second to UE Roll, due to a slight distortion at high volume levels. It has phone speaker support, and you can pair most of this with the JBL Connect app.

Sony’s small Cube sounds great for its price, and it works well with many tracks, especially the hard ones below. It’s neat and tidy, and it’s among the lesser-known speakers in this segment.

A small piece of JBL 2 is more than a custom-made speaker that makes the work done at an affordable price. It doesn’t bother you at all, but when you look at its usage concept, it actually works better than you originally expected.

The cheapest Bose speaker ever launched in India sounds modest, blocking a slightly weaker midrange. The peppy color line and the total amount of Bose products have contributed greatly to making the concept popular among new buyers in India.

The Logitech X300 is a little more expensive than most on the leaderboard, but it is attractive in terms of sound clarity and quality. Sound delivery is strong, and the speaker has a good sound balance. Logitech throws beautiful colors, plays on the speaker, and lightweight and ergonomics make it easy to carry.
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The Jabra Solemate has an amazing sound, delivers a decent sound, and delivers all well-packaged. For example, you can discard the cable that connects to the back of the speaker, the bag will allow you to play it in muddy areas without contaminating the speaker, and the only shoe design is different miles from the normal speaker. It plays a much bigger sound than its size, and the bass sounds strong in this.

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