Best Affordable & Fast Web Hosting in India (2020)

abhishek kumar
7 min readJun 21, 2020

Best Affordable & Fast Web Hosting in India 🔥(2020)

Today we will talk about Hostinger Detailed Review did Hostinger review last year, and it was a sponsored video My opinions were genuine and general This video is not sponsored But the reviews and opinions will be genuine So watch this video till end because I have covered Hostinger’s A-Z content All the plans, discount coupon, and a free training program is also included So let’s get started Let’s talk about the overview when you login in Hostinger This is the panel which you will see I will click on manage and my H panel will open up There is no Cpanel, they provide with Hpanel hPanel is their custom interface It is almost like Cpanel, you can see the same features here Last year, I was not happy with its interface, but this year the have made improvements I have tested 3 websites I took Cloud hosting from hostinger Shared hosting, which is on Asia server Shared hosting on USA server Shared hosting is on Premium Account The Shared hosting (Asia server) was on startup package

So I will review on the basis of these 3 hostings experience If I compare it from last year, I have seen improvements and some things have gone below, so do watch this video till the end Starting with the Server Response Time So here is the Server Response Time In USA, Server Response Time is A+ Every country has a good performance except Singapore Bangalore has 200ms Google recommends 200ms If I go to Singapore server, it is a shared server and this is the cloud server So you can see in Bangalore and Singapore the response is good if I talk about London and USA, the Server Response Time increases So Server Response Time is Decent and not the best So if I talk about the speed, it is good My 3 websites: KP Test Hosting 1, KP Test Hosting 2, KP Test Hosting 3 I have taken these 3 domain names and my website is hosted on them So the results I have got in the speed test The shared hosting in Singapore has taken time In Bangalore, 1.2s time is taken, which is fast and good In cloud servers, the speed is 1.1s The server is the USA, is taking 800ms to access a website So I have got good speed, I have no complaints If I talk about average speed If I talk about average first visit speed Servers in the USA are 3.3s, the average second visit is of 1s The shared server in Singapore is giving a speed of 3.2s and in Cloud servers, it was of 3s So I am getting an average speed of 3s which is good and I am getting good speed on Second Visit which is under 1s due to Cache Plugin(W3 Total Cache) If I talk about Up time, it is very good

This is my website which is hosted on Hostinger I have hosted 4 of my websites here So the Up time I have got since December is good Downtime is of 3min, 2min, 5min And the last 30 days up time is of 99.988% which is very good If I talk about load test, I have done a load test on all my 3 servers So I sent 50 virtual users to my website that whether they pass in the load test or not Or if they refresh altogether, do they face any problem I will start with the Singapore Shared Hosting Servers So I sent 50 virtual users and my users started to increase and they put up 7,500 requests and among them, only 1 request failed So this was a good thing Second, if I talk about response timing, so we usually need a straight line So a straight line means a stable response The response time is doing many variations But I don’t have any problem because it is not increasing that much The response timing here was 560ms and then it increased to 1s So it didn’t jump from 560ms to 3s as it happens in many hostings, So there is not much difference So if I see below there is a performance issue This performance issue means, that when it is loading, my request response time is increasing Since it is shared hosting,

so its not a major issue it is not failing any requests, so this is important I run my shared hostings located in USA servers I have seen better load test results I sent 10k request and only 1 request failed Request Response Time has increased later It has not increased that much Average Response Time is 33.32ms and I haven’t seen any performance issues yet So one thing is clear that USA server is better in performance It doesn’t mean that India and Singapore servers aren’t good enough The servers of the USA are better and efficiently tuned

When I run this in the cloud, it was exactly according to my expectations I have taken Singapore Cloud Hosting So here you can see a straight blue line, which means there are no variations I have sent 12k requests and none of them have failed I had 50 users who were continuously refreshing and I didn’t face any issue Talking about Cache Plugin, you get Cache Manager, so use it You also get Plugin along with it, which is W3 Total Cache So combining all 3 gives better results Talking about the data centers:

They are situated in UK, USA, Brazil, Netherlands, Singapore, Indonesia, and Lithuania(Europe) Talking about the domain name, you get a one-year free domain name on premium and business hosting packages You also get a temporary domain name for 14 days Talking about Backups, you get automatic backups You can also take on-demand backups Backups are stored off servers, which is a good thing The procedure to restore backups is a bit difficult, there is no one-click restore option, but you can get help from the training program Talking about Ease of use, you won’t see any Cpanel You will have hPanel, which is very easy to use You get 24x7 Live Chat Support There is no phone number available Technical Support is decent Live Chat Icon is easy to find Whenever you log in, you can see that button in the right-hand corner The waiting period is 20–60mins which can go upto 80mins Last year it was very fast

Whenever I did a query I use to get a quick response, but now it has become slower, maybe due to new customers Hopefully, they improve this in future If I talk about inode count I can see up to 6lakh Inode Count In Cloud Hosting there is Inode count of up to 20 lakh It is very good Inode count means the total files you can keep on the server If I talk about its pricing, it starts from ₹ 45 per month and it goes up to ₹189 per month And you have an option for cloud hosting, which starts from ₹409 and goes up to ₹2500 per month The third type of hosting is the Wordpress Hosting You will have these 3 options in the Wordpress Hosting So in actual, you get the Wordpress installed in it So I won’t recommend this hosting

So instead of Wordpress Premium Hosting, take the Cloud Hosting, where you will get the same resources The best value for money plans are: Business web hosting (for Shared Hosting) at ₹ 189 per month for 4 years In cloud hosting the first plan is of ₹409 per month These are good plans where you are getting daily backups and good resources If I talk about the discount, so firstly you have to go to my link that I have given below So you will go and see the Shared Hosting and Cloud Hosting We will select add to cart and the month from the options You will find an option for Coupon Code, Enter KRIPESH So you will get an extra 5–10% discount depending upon the plan you are taking Talking about the purchase options, you have PayPal, UPI, Debit Card, Bitcoin, Credit Card, and Bank Transfer The Refund Policy is of 30 days I have made a detailed video on the refund policy explaining all the T&Cs, you can watch it through “I button” There is no CDN SSL is only for one website, which I think is a drawback If you will use Cloudflare you can overcome its drawback I have made a video on Cloudflare which you can see it through “I Button” There is only free migration for 1 website Talking about software, they have used lightspeed web servers, PHP 7,4, data integration is there But in their shared hosting for NodeJS, Python, Perl there is no support You will have to take VPS Plans for this But for CMS like Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal you will find support You can also create unlimited Cron jobs Talking about the site builder, it is okayish

So before I jump onto the pros and cons if you have liked the detailed review, hit LIKE button Talking about its pros: Its price is at an affordable point, Its speed, uptime and easy to use hPanel Good support and good load handling You also see their latest version Talking about its cons Slow Live Chat, only one SSL, Temporary Domain is for 14 days, no one-click restore option for backups, you have to manually restore it Coming onto the bottom line According to me, it is the best affordable hosting option If you have to start or you are a beginner and you want an affordable hosting or cloud hosting So Hostinger is a good option

I have hosted my 5 websites in different plans So according to me, you should check out this plan You find its link, discount coupon, and training program What is the training program? In the training program, I have explained how to use hostinger, how to setup WordPress website How to include Backups, SSLs, Connecting Cloudflare